10 Things You Shouldn’t Ask A College Senior

We all know there are fo pas when it comes to asking people questions. Never ask a woman if she is pregnant, or ask her age and never ask someone how much they make in a year (unless you’re doing their taxes). So naturally there is a list of things you should never ask someone in their final year of freedom…I mean college.

  1. “What are you doing after graduation?”Parks and Rec

The answer to this is “I don’t know”. It will be the same answer no matter who you ask. Please don’t rush us through our last year by making us think of the future.

  1. “Do you think you’ll move back home?”Wizard-of-Oz-GIF-W.gif

If you’re asking me this question, the answer is absolutely. Unless you won the lottery or have rolls of money under your mattress, I don’t know how you would afford your own place right out of college. Plus why wouldn’t I move home? Mom makes dinner, laundry is free, so is parking, and did I mention you don’t have clean the bathroom!

  1. “Can you believe you’re graduating?”gonna-ignore-what-you-just-said.gif

Well no, I can’t believe I’m graduating because I didn’t think I’d make it through managerial accounting. Alas, here I am. Whatever you do, don’t ask me if I can believe I’m graduating. Let’s not even use the “G” word until the day of graduation. Please and thank you.

  1. “Did you enjoy college?”oh-yeah-gif-obama.gif

The answer to this question is most likely going to be yes. If you made it to senior year and haven’t dropped out or transferred, you probably like your college. Also I wouldn’t tell you even if I didn’t like it because you’d probably ask me another 12 questions I don’t want to answer.

  1. “How many classes do you think you’ve skipped?”joey gif.gif

Simply put, how many episodes of Friends are there? 236. O-K, I’ve missed 236 classes in my college career. They were always there for me!

  1. “What is one regret you have?”no ragrets.gif

No ragrets!

  1. “What advice would you give to an incoming freshman?”yolo.jpg


  1. “What was the most important thing you’ve learned?”spongebob.jpg

If you expect me to remember what I learned in my 1000 level English class, you’re sorely mistaken. We don’t remember what we learned in the classroom, we remember what we learned in the four years we were on our own, away from home, and had to scrap together enough money for pizza.

  1. “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”cat lady.gif

Hopefully not still sleeping in my childhood bed.

  1. “Was it worth the student debt?”money.gif

100% yes.


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