Hate is a Strong Word

Hate is a strong word. My mother always told me ‘we don’t hate, we dislike strongly or we are upset with someone, but we never say hate’. And that is how I grew up. I didn’t hate my teachers for giving me low grades, I didn’t hate my co-worker for always making me cover their shifts, and I didn’t hate my neighbor for always leaving their trash in my yard. Sure I wanted to hate them, but I didn’t. I asked myself in the wake of all this hate that has happened in recent days, ‘why do people hate?’ Sure you could chalk it up to psychological issues or religious beliefs, but what is the point of hate. A four letter word fueled by animosity, anger, and violence. You know what four letter word we should be using? Love. Four letters, but instead of negativity, if we used love instead of hate our world would be full of unity and camaraderie.

While the word is just that, a word, it is the actions associated with the word that prevents us from flying on airplanes or going to the movie theater. We should eliminate hate from our vocabularies. Teach our children that hate is not an option. You either love or you dislike, the opposite of love should no longer be hate, the opposite of love should still be love. Just because we do not love the same things does not mean that we hate what our counterparts love. For example, I don’t like tomatoes, but many people love tomatoes. Instead of hating tomatoes, I focus my attention to carrots. All of the energy that goes into hating something could fuel the love for something else. Do I let tomatoes stand in my way of enjoying a salad? No. I just focus my attention on the other accoutrements.

It is okay to be angry or upset, we are all entitled to having negative feelings every so often. That being said anger is temporary. Being upset because the person in front of you didn’t put their blinker on is okay. Hating every single person who drives a Toyota Camry is not.

Stop saying hate, stop throwing it around like its free candy. Spreading hate only creates a more negative world. Spread love, positivity, and smile more. Life is short and unexpected, so don’t spend your life hating, it’s a waste of time. Open your minds, open your eyes, and open your hearts, because it’s time we end this hateful cycle our world has fallen into.

It’s not hard to stop hating, you don’t have to chew a special type of gum, or wear a patch, or even go to meetings. Whether it be the tomatoes on your salad, the dog that keeps pooping on your lawn, or the quadratic formula, don’t hate. Just don’t do it.


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