My Go-To Outfit

The term O.O.T.D or outfit of the day for those who aren’t up to date on their latest acronyms is the term used to describe what you are wearing. Typically used as a Instagram hashtag or caption; this phrase is usually for the fashionistas. I am certainly not a fashionista, and I do not have an O.O.T.D. What I do have is a go-to outfit. Unlike my fashion forward counterparts, my go-to outfit is not high waisted jeans and a tank top. It’s not a dress, or a romper either. And my go-to outfit does not include white converse or combat boots.

I’m talking about my groutfit. The greatest outfit of all time. It is simple, inexpensive, and available in every shape and size. It can be dark grey, light grey or a combination of the two. As long as there is grey on top and grey on the bottom.

The term was first introduced to me sophomore year of college. I’ve always loved the grey on grey ansambel, but I never knew there was a name for it. Since I am so lazy and didn’t want to change out of my pajamas to go to the dining hall I kept them on. I walked out to meet my friends and that’s when I heard the word. “Nice groutfit girl” my friend yelled to me. What did she just call me? I thought to myself. “My what?!” I replied. “Your groutfit! Grey on grey, duh.” Groutfit, hmmm. I kind of like that. There it was, the birth of my now favorite word in the book.

From that day forth I preached that I would be arriving in my groutfit to breakfast, I would use it as an excuse for why I couldn’t go to a party, ‘already in my groutfit’ I’d say to my friends, and I passed the word on to my family.

Soon my mom and dad were putting on their groutfits, my brother had one too. It was like a groutfit party in my household. And speaking of groutfit parties, there were some actual parties at school that were groutfit themed. Did I wear sexy lingerie? Nope, I wore my grey Champion sweatpants with my grey sweatshirt. There was no way I was going to taint the all holy groutfit by trying to make it look flattering. The whole point of the groutfit was to be comfortable and to make you look like a shlub, not to be appealing to the eye.

Each day I would come home from class and put on my groutfit. There was no need to fret when laundry day came around, I had grey sweatpants piled high in my closet. 3 pairs of the same grey sweatpants, maybe 100 grey t-shirts and 10 grey sweatshirts. The combinations were endless, but the color always stayed the same. It was naive to think I would be wearing anything but my groutfit.

My friends knew that I would show up to their apartments for dinner in my signature outfit. My parents assumed that when I said ‘in my pajamas’ it meant my groutfit. And even the boys upstairs knew that when they asked for a ride to the bar, I would be their chauffeur in grey. It was no joking matter, groutfits were my thing.

My love for comfort is undeniable. Lazy is my middle name. So when I put my groutfit on, there is no way I’m taking it off. My go-to outfit is a sign that the day has ended, even when I put it on at 6:00 pm. When the grey goes on, the day is done.

While I admit, it’s not the most glamorous go-to outfit, I take pride in knowing that celebrities wear groutfits too. If Drake can wear a groutfit, you can wear a groutfit.giphy

And I can’t forget to mention, going out in public wearing your groutfit is 110% socially acceptable. #StoptheHaters.


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