5 Ways to Live a Happier Life

We all want to be happier in our lives. Whether you want to lose 10lbs, fall in love, or win the lottery, we all wish for something to make our lives better. I’ve found that there are 5 easy ways to live a happier life.

  1. Laugh more: Studies have shown that the more you laugh the longer you’ll live. It can be a hearty chuckle, a dainty giggle, or even a silent laugh. No matter how you laugh, you should start doing it more often. Laugh at yourself, at pictures from high school, at YouTube videos or while watching New Girl. Laugh so hard your stomach hurts and you begin to cry. If you can’t find a way to laugh, call me, I can make you laugh!new girl.gif
  2. Go Outside: Nature is pretty cool. Green grass, chirping birds, warm sunshine; surrounding yourself with Mother Nature’s bounty will surely put a smile on your face. Take a walk after work with friends, or sit on your deck with a glass of iced tea! The fresh air will make you realize how amazing our world is and how lucky we are to have such a great planet. baby sun.jpg
  3. Mind Your Manners: Saying simple things like please and thank you can make your day better. Being polite to waitresses, customer service agents, and strangers will definitely have an effect on your day. Your experience at a restaurant can go from average to spectacular just by asking your server how they are. Customer service agents will be more willing to  help you if you have patients and understand they can only do so much to help. And smiling at a stranger as they pass you in the grocery store will let them know that not everyone is a crank. thank-you.gif
  4. Eat Good Food: What do I mean by good food? I’m not talking about food that’s good for you, I mean food that tastes good! Chocolate cake, jelly beans, pizza, and Nutella, eat it all. Food does make us happy and we shouldn’t deprive ourselves of anything that makes us smile. treat yo self.jpg
  5. Stop Comparing Yourself: Most of us will never be Victoria Secret Models or professional athletes. So stop comparing yourself to them! So what you don’t have a six pack? They are overrated anyways. Thigh gaps are an illusion, having big boobs and a tiny body only happens when you can afford plastic surgery, and winged eyeliner is harder than saying the ABC’s backwards. Compare yourself to what you see in the mirror and not to what you see on TV. mindy.gif

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