Why Taylor Swift is Wrong

In T-Swift’s latest hit, New Romantics, she preaches that the best people in life are free. I am here to say sorry Taylor, but you’re wrong. tswift

The best people in life are not free, or at least that has been my experience. I have paid for my friendships long before joining a sorority. We all know that the #haters poke fun at the affiliated men and women for joining a Greek organization for many reasons. One of those reasons is for paying the big bucks just to have friends. It’s true, being a part of one of these organizations is expensive and while some join to make friends, others join for a plethora of other reasons. But as I was saying, I’ve been paying for my friends before I even knew what a sorority was.

I started playing soccer around the same time I learned how to walk. My parents signed me up every season to play. Different team, different players, different coach every year, but each season I made friends that I wouldn’t have otherwise met. The town soccer leagues were a combination of girls from different elementary schools. If I was lucky I would get to be on the same team as some of my classmates, but that wasn’t always the case. More often than not, I had to make new friends. This experience came at a price and that leads me to my first point. From the age of 4, I (by I, of course I’m referring to my parents) was paying for my friends. Town soccer isn’t free, it’s actually pretty expensive. At the age of 8, my parents were paying $105.00 for me to play one season of recreational soccer. I made some of my best friends playing on these soccer teams. Friends that I would reconnect with in middle school when the 5 elementary schools morphed into one. This was paying for my friends. Any way you look at it, my parents paid for something and I made friends. Can I say that I met some of the best people I know through town soccer? Yes. Take a seat T-Swift.

I’m just getting started. High school athletics aren’t free either. And I can wholeheartedly say that my best friends came from my lacrosse team. I paid for those friends! Whether you consider paying taxes to attend the public school as paying for you friends, or you just consider the check my mom signed every year for me to play, I paid. Pay to play as they call it and from what I remember, it was $350 to play. Would I have been close with some of my friends had we not been teammates? Probably not. High school athletics determines who you hang out with; 2.5 hour practices, 5 days a week, games on the weekend, my team was my life. Had my mom not paid $350 for me to play I wouldn’t have the friends I do now. *mic drop*.

My final point against Ms. Swift’s loaded statement brings me full circle. Joining a sorority has led me to some of the best people I know. I’m not only talking about my sisters, but I’ve been introduced to their friends outside of the sorority too! The friendships I’ve made outweigh the cost of my dues. As cliche as it sounds, my sisters and friends are worth every penny. I’m not embarrassed or ashamed that I pay for my friends, I’m grateful that I do.

As my calculations show, whether you played sports growing up, you decided to join a Greek organization, or if you made connections while attending college, you’ve definitely paid for your friends somewhere down the road.

Could someone get Taylor Swift some ice for her burn? OohBurn


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