I Tried Yoga And This Is What Happened

This morning I woke up and went to Collinsville Hot Yoga with my cousins, Katie and Colby. I’m not a yogi, I didn’t know what three legged dog was or how to shavasana. There have been two occasion where I had attempted yoga before. Attempted is the key word. The first time I was a sophomore in high school. I went with my mom, her friend, and her friends daughter. I could not take it seriously! A dark room full of incense, a strange woman telling me to get into “happy baby pose”, and a waterfall soundtrack was my first yoga experience. The second experience was at school. We had a sisterhood event that was outdoor yoga. Let’s just say I showed up in my groutfit, so I had no intention of participating.

My thoughts about yoga before today were; this is not exercise, it can’t be that hard, I don’t see why people do this. Well let me tell you after this morning, I believe that yoga is definitely exercise, it is hard, and I can 100% see why people do yoga all the time. It’s not relaxing though so I don’t understand that part of it.

My legs were shaking, I could feel the sweat pouring down my forehead, and I genuinely struggled. I used more muscles getting into downward facing dog than I normally use at the gym. I was forced to do plank, which I would never do by choice, and I stretched a lot. It actually felt good at the end because I used my whole body in a one hour workout.

I have a newfound respect for the yogis out there. It is hard work, and it is good for you, not to mention it’s expensive to take classes. So if you can go to yoga every day or 3 times a week I applaud you.

I probably won’t do yoga again anytime soon and I certainly won’t be doing it in direct sunlight either. For some reason I just can’t get on board with the breathing exercises and the “get in touch with your inner self” shtick. I can’t take myself seriously, so how am I supposed to take something called happy baby pose seriously? I also can’t listen to the soothing music without wanting to fall asleep, so believe it or not while I was in warrior pose I was yawning and could have passed out while in child’s pose. Running waterfalls and chirping birds aren’t going to make me want to work harder, it makes me want to sleep.

Those who do daily or even weekly yoga, you go glen coco! For me, I think I’ll stick with running and lifting weights while listening to angry rock music. Namaste to you, namastay in bed for me.


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