My New Year’s Resolution

Everyone has a New Year’s resolution. Most people pledge to lose weight, be more active, spend less money, or do something good everyday. For the past 3 years I have had the same resolution, say yes more. A riff off of the movie Yes Man, but in my version I promise to say yes when my friends ask me to go out, say yes if a stranger asks to get coffee, and say yes when a career opportunity presents itself. And for the past 3 years I haven’t said yes enough to fulfill my resolution. This year I plan on making the same promise, to say yes more.

There have been many opportunities for me to say yes. Every Thursday I get asked to go to the bar, but I say no. Not to make myself sound anti-social, I do say yes sometimes, but not nearly enough. The whole point of this resolution is to let myself have more fun. Say yes to late nights and hangovers, yes to spontaneous adventures, and yes to unplanned coffee dates. For the past 3 years I’ve said yes, but I’ve said no more. I supposed my resolution should be to say no less?

A part of me always wants to say yes, it really does, but that part is overshadowed by the other half of me that says “you have class at 9:00 am tomorrow”. What I don’t consider is that when someone asks me to go out, it doesn’t have to be a night of complete debauchery. If I said yes all that would mean is a little less sleep, money, and time spent watching the food network.

My biggest downfall is that I am the epitome of lazy. Sitting is my favorite activity and when Triple D is on I can’t help but watch every episode until I fall asleep on the couch. Staying in isn’t what I want to be doing on a Friday night, but when the wind chill is -2 degrees and the walk to the bar feels like the time it would take to climb Mt. Everest, sitting inside sounds like my best option. For 3 years I’ve been putting this idea in my head, but the idea and the action don’t go had in hand.

They say that if at first you don’t succeed try and try again. So I will try and try again until I feel that I’ve said yes enough times in a year. So for the fourth year I declare that my New Year’s resolution is to say yes more. Or to say no less. Which ever way I look at it, for 2017 I plan spending more time reliving the night before and less time listening to Guy Fieri say “welcome to flavortown”.


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