Words We Love From 2016

We welcomed a lot in 2016; juju on that beat, the mannequin challenge, a water-proof iPhone, and all sorts of new terms, phrases and words.

Lit (adj): The word Lit has graced us with its very presence. A word used to describe everything from a party to the level of alcohol consumption. Not many words have been fully accepted into our vocabulary so quickly. On a college campus, Lit is perhaps the most overused word. “The party was Lit”, “He was pretty Lit”, “I got an A on my paper, that’s Lit”, “Let’s get Lit”. The biggest compliment since calling something “the bee’s knee’s”.  Lit.gif

Fam (noun): Most of us know this as an abbreviation for family, but thanks to Kanye West, it is now a word used to describe anyone around you, not just your actual bloodline. Often times you hear the word Fam used when someone enters the room, “waddup Fam”. But often times it is used when addressing one person, “hey Fam, how’s it going”.  If you’ve never heard it used this way then you may need to socialize with a local frat star or hang out with someone who also uses the word Lit (see above for definition). fam.jpgExtra (adj): Usually Extra is referring to an additional amount of something. You go to Subway and ask for Extra mayo on your sandwich or get Extra pepperoni on your pizza. I’m not talking about condiments or toppings, I’m talking about when someone is Extra, not something. A person can be Extra when they put too much effort into something, are too excited about an event, or when they are simply over the top. An example is when a person starts exercising in December in order to get ready for Spring Break…that’s so Extra! Extra.jpg

Savage (adj)Shout out to Nico Schwartz for not only being a savage, but for introducing this word into my vocabulary. Being a Savage is being the only person who has the guts to do something. Drinking a ridiculous amount of alcohol, Savage. Making out with your best friends ex-boyfriend, asshole. When Khaleesi burnt down the Dothraki village, Savage. Get it? O-K. The bottom line is that being a Savage is one of the biggest compliments you can get in this day and age. kahleesi.gifMom (noun)Every group of friends has it’s own mom, maybe even more than one mom. Depending on the night there could be a designated mom, or maybe even two. The mom of the group does what any real mother would do. They have all the answers to questions, make all of the important decisions and make sure that everyone gets home safely. Whether it is your roommates or you 3 best friends, one of you always has to be the mom. I make dinner for my roommates some nights and I become mom. Shout out to real moms, it’s a tough job! mom.gif

2016 was lit fam! I can’t wait to see what words and phrases make their way into our vernacular in 2017.


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