Summer Lovin’

In just 3 months a lot can happen. When June 21st rolls around summer is in full effect. The humidity is suffocating, the sunshine is blinding, and the only other thing floating through the air besides pollen is love. Yes, love is as widespread in the summer as mosquitoes on a hot night. Everyone is doing it and if you haven’t found your 3-month fling, you’d better find something else to occupy your time. If you are anything like me, you’ve never had a summer love. This is not a cry for sympathy, rather a reflection on my summers spent cleaning up the heartbreaks leftover from other people’s summer love. I called myself the “cleaner” in high-school, because no matter what, I always had to do damage control. Being the one to make my friends feel better gave me much more satisfaction than talking to a boy all summer. Not being in a relationship gave me the opportunity to love and support the people who are still in my life today—instead of wasting my time with someone who would forget about me once school started.

I’ve heard stories from my grandma of how her and my grandpa would go to the county fair together in the summer, and spend every day together—ultimately falling deeply in love long after the summer had past. However, those were the days before having a Snapchat best friend who wasn’t your girlfriend caused a nasty break-up. And before tracking your partner on Find My Friends was a way of catching someone in a lie. If cleaning up after a summer love gone bad taught me anything (and there were many) it is that summer love is a myth. Love shouldn’t have an expiration or a use by date. Love isn’t a loaf of bread that gets moldy.  Being in a relationship or in love should be a 365 day a year commitment—not one that lasts between June and August. Not having a summer love never bothered me and it still doesn’t. The summer is a time for relaxation, not relationships.


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