I’m Becoming A Vegan

Being a vegan is not hard. I’m serious, I’ve talked to my friends who are and they said it themselves, “it’s not even that hard.” Cutting out animals and their products just is not that difficult in this day and age. Anyone can do it, you just have to be motivated and stick to it!

The reason I decided very suddenly that I wanted to be a vegan was because of a documentary I watched. What The Health, a documentary (on Netflix) by Kip Andersen reveals conditions under which the animals we eat are living, speaks with doctors about the harm we are doing to our bodies by eating animals, and Kip uncovers the reasons why so many health organizations are promoting poor food choices and lifestyle habits. Seriously, 10/10, What The Health, should be on everyone’s Netflix cue.

I’ve heard of documentaries like Supersize Me, Food Inc. and Fed Up, that have changed people’s views on the meat, poultry and dairy industries. My close friend watched Food Inc. in a college course her sophomore year and has remained a vegetarian to this day.  I always knew that these industries were messed up, but after watching What The Health, I don’t think I can ever go back to eating meat/poultry or dairy.

Being a vegan is looked at as some hipster trend that was created by people who “hate the man”, or at least that’s always been my impression. I’m not trying to be a crazy activist that hates everyone who isn’t a vegan, I just want to do this for my mentality and for my body. To be honest, being a vegan is just like if a lactose intolerant person became a vegetarian. I for one, am even supposed to eat dairy (see: Smile and Say) because of personal health issues. Once you get over the fact that you will no longer be eating cheese, it’s all uphill from there.

So many of us looooooove cheese. I was a self-proclaimed cheese addict until I was told how bad it was for my body. There is life after cheese! But a word of advice, skip the cheese alternatives, they are vial. Dairy is a humans worst nightmare, according to the research done in this documentary, and I believe it. There is a reason so many people are lactose intolerant. I bet you can name at least 4 people who are! There is no reason to be drinking milk, I won’t ruin the documentary for you, but research shows there is absolutely no benefit to having a milk mustache.

I started my day of being a vegan yesterday and it was pretty easy. For breakfast I had a smoothie with banana, pineapple, mango, spinach and almond milk. Lunch was an English muffin, pesto, arugula, mushrooms and toasted pine nuts. And dinner was tofu, broccoli and roasted potatoes. Needless to say I got lots of greens in yesterday, a good balance of carbs, not too much sugar, and I was fully satisfied after every meal.

If you are a vegan, want to become a vegan, or just want to try some new recipes check out these fabulous people on Youtube (shout-out to Addie for referring me to these channels): Maddie Iymburner, ApplesandAmandas, Tess Bogg, Liv’s Healthy Life, and Bonny Rebecca.



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